Frequently Asked Questions About Signs and Graphics

In an effort to serve you better, we have established a list of questions to assist you in your decision making process. We started with some general questions, then get into specific questions regarding our products and services.

In addition to our FAQ page, we have several pages of "Sign Industry Terms and Definitions".

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if your question is not answered here, we would be happy to assist you.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: How long is a piece of rope? Seriously though, there is no definitive answer on how much a product or service, created and tailored to your specifications should cost. However, some things that affect price are design and creative time, size, quantity, design complexity, how soon you need it, and how long you expect it to last.
There's an old saying in the business "You can have it cheap, fast, or good. Please pick two". So, if you're working with a tight budget, please plan ahead, we'll do our best to meet all of your demands.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Well, how soon do you need it? Generally speaking, most "run of the mill" projects can be turned in two weeks or less from when a deposit is received and written approval is given. However, manufacturing and production times can vary greatly with your demands and product specifications. While some projects can be turned around in a few days, other products can take a few weeks or even months to design and manufacture.
When our schedule permits, we do accept rush orders. But, they may be subjected to additional charges and/or fees.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: All of our products are warranted to be free of visual defects in materials and craftsmanship upon pick up, delivery, shipment or installation. We also honor the manufacturer warranties on the products we sell. However, certain terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for additional details.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: We currently accept cash and checks for retainers, deposits and final payment, subject to our sales agreement.

Design Related Questions

Q: Can I supply my own art?

A: Yes you can. We are a PC based shop and can accept files generated in Windows or Mac platforms. Please contact us for our file submission requirements.

Q: I have an existing design, can you reproduce it?

A: We are very capable of reproducing just about any type of design. However, by law, we are not allowed to reproduce copyright protected artwork without written permission from the copyright holder. See Copyright below for additional information.

Q: Can you show me what my design will look like?

A: Sure, and we'll give you choices too. Once we receive a retainer, we generally develop 2 or 3 concept drawings or drafts of the finished product. Once a draft has been chosen by you, will refine the design and give you a proof for your final approval.

Q: What's the difference between raster and vector graphics?

A: Raster or bitmap files are created using pixels or dots, similar to how a CRT or television creates an image on your screen. When you enlarge a bitmap image, the quality of the image is lost and the image looks pixilated.
On the other hand, vector graphics are made using vectors or lines to create an image. Since these lines are just mathematical formulas, they can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality.
To get a better understanding of this, download our raster versus vector PDF file.

Sign Related Questions

Q: Do I need a permit?

A: It depends. Sign ordinances vary by municipality. While some municipalities allow a specific type of sign, others will not. Since it is nearly impossible to know the signage regulations for every community, we suggest that you check with your local zoning or code enforcement officer before you order your sign.

Q: How long should my product last?

A: All of the products we produce are designed to meet the needs of a specific task. We may produce an inexpensive poster that only needs to last a few days for a promotion. Or, we can produce signs and letters that are warranted for a lifetime, the choice is up to you. As with any product, proper care and maintenance will extend the useful life of our products.
Based on our experience, here are some guidelines for durability on outdoor signs and graphics. They are listed from best to worst, assuming the manufacturer's instructions were followed:
1) Gold leaf - can last forever and will outlast most substrates.
2) Automotive/architectural paints - 8 to 15 years or more.
3) Latex and sign paints - 7 to 10 years or more.
4) SignGold genuine gold print and cut media - 8 to 12 years or more.
5) High performance vinyls 5-10 years or more.
6) Electrostatic full color printing - 5 to 8 years.
7) Screen printing - 3 to 10 years or more.
8) Intermediate vinyl - 6 months to 5 years.
9) Thermal digital printing - 6 months to 6 years - depending on colors.
10) Solvent inkjet printing - 1 to 3 years - depending on colors.
11) Specialty vinyls (polyester) - 2 weeks to 2 years.
12) Pigment inkjet printing - 1 week to 3 years.
13) Dye inkjet printing - 1 to 3 days.
As mentioned above, this is based on our experience, making signs, graphics and digital printing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Please remember that every product may not react the same in every environment or situation. Products used in areas with high UV exposure, such as the desert southwest, can greatly reduce the life of any product. We could write a book on all of the weird things (successes and failures) that we have seen and experienced in this business.

Vehicle Graphics Questions

Q: Will a vehicle wrap cause me problems with the police?

A: In Pennsylvania, your vehicle's registration does not contain the color of the vehicle. So, decorating your vehicle with full color graphics is not a problem. However, there are regulations limit the coverage of your windshield and front windows.

Q: Will vehicle lettering or graphics cause my insurance to go up?

A: If you want your graphics to be insured, there is a good chance your insurance premium will increase. Please contact your insurance provider for more information.

Printing Related Questions

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Exhibit, Trade Show and P.O.P. Display Related Questions

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Apparel Related Questions

Q: Are there minimum order requirements?

A: Yes, our garment distributors have minimum order requirements and we may pass these costs on to you. Minimum order quantities vary by product and/or service.

Ad Specialty and Promotional Item Related Questions

Q: Are there minimum order requirements?

A: Yes, our promotional item distributors have minimum order requirements and we may pass these costs on to you. Minimum order quantities vary by product and/or service.

Copyright Questions and Answers

Q: Can you reproduce a design made by another company or designer?

A: It depends. Do you own the design? Copyright protection can be a tricky subject that has garnered a lot of attention in the industry lately. So, unless you purchased the design from the creator, there is a good chance we can not legally produce it. The same rules apply with most imagery downloaded for free from the internet.

Q: What is a Copyright?

A: Loosely defined, a copyright is protection from unauthorized reproduction afforded to an artist or designer who creates original art. In our industries, this would apply to any custom or unique design created by the designer.
When a logo or other unique design is created, it is automatically protected and can not be reproduced in any manner without written permission from the owner. Unless there is a formal agreement between the purchaser and the designer, ownership of a design is not transferred even though you may have purchased a product containing the unique design. This applies to signage, vehicle graphics, displays, printing and apparel.

For more information regarding copyright protection, please visit

Other Questions and Answers

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