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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes...

Art is knowing which ones to keep."

- Scott Adams

The creative and design process of any project is the most often overlooked and critical part of any image or brand. It can be the difference between success and failure. As you design-build firm, the staff at Checkers Custom Signs draws on it's creativity along with its manufacturing and production experience to effectively develop and implement your image.

We offer a full array of design services to develop any project and to fit nearly every budget. From basic design and typesetting to logo and website design and more, our philosophy for the creative process is to tailor our design services to fit your needs while maintaining the consistency of your brand. By offering four levels of creative and design services - Basic, Good, Better and Best - you can choose the level of creative influence we have on your project.

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Basic Design Services

Basic Design Services

Straight typesetting and non-creative work. This service is ideal for basic projects when creativity is not important, such as regulatory signs and decals. This service is normally included with the cost of the project.
The graphic on the right is a sample of what should be expected for basic design service work.

Good Creative and Design Service Sample

Good Design

A step above our basic design services, this level offers some creativity, limited color and use of stock art and/or graphics in a standard format. Since the level of skill and creativity is limited, a minimal design fee added to the cost of the project. This is an ideal level of design and creativity when your budget is the primary concern.

Better Creative and Design Service Sample

Better Design

With regards to design, level includes the creation of original art, color and special effects. It also includes the creative use of materials and introduction of non-standard items. Several factors affect this fee, including the amount of original art created and its intended use or purpose. This is an ideal level for most projects when your budget is not your primary concern.

Best Creative and Design Service Sample

Best Design

We are pulling out all the stops to create a truly unique image for you. At this level, all of our resources are at your disposal, including but not limited to copywriting, custom fabrication and prototyping, drawing, photography and more. Your design will be created and built from scratch, insuring a totally custom and unique image that puts you ahead of the competition.

The Ordering Process

After an initial conversation to define the goals of your project, we review your goals, decide which avenues to explore and, within a few moments to several days, make a presentation. Should you agree with our presentation concepts, we enter into an agreement and proceed with our plan.
All of our creative services include 2 or 3 initial design concepts to establish a general course for the final project design. Once a concept is chosen, we develop the final design and submit it for your approval. Additional deliverables may include interim testing and prototypes to insure that the finished product meets with your acceptable standards.
For more details on our process we suggest that you read our Scope Statement.

Additional Services

In addition to our creative and design services, we also offer management, fulfillment and installation services. Please continue reading to learn more.

Site Planning and WayfindingProduct and Project Specifications
Project ManagementFulfillmentInstallation Services


Site Planning and Wayfinding

The art and science of site planning and wayfinding is to implement a cohesive system to allow your employees and guest navigate your facility without getting lost. Click here for our brochure


Product and Project Specifications

When requested, we will develop comprehensive product and project bid specifications, insuring fair and accurate bidding. This insures that you receive the best value for your investment.


Project Management

From the initial concept, to the final installation, we can develop a plan to insure that your identity and wayfinding projects operate smoothly, with minimal interruptions to your operations.


Product Fulfillment

Within house production or our extensive network of distributed resources, we can insure that projects of nearly any scope will be accurately fulfilled to meet your budget and your timeline.


Installation Services

Working with your current producer, we also offer installation services for products not produced by us. Please contact us with your product details and we would be happy to provide a quote.

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